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Nicolas Felix is a French composer born in Nice now living in Los Angeles specializing in music for film, television, and video game advertising. His recent credits include: 12 Strong, Thor Ragnarok, Pacific Rim: Uprising, Geostorm, ESPN and many more.


He also composed and arranged for Emily Bear’s Night of The Proms Tour, which sold out audiences in Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, many more countries in Europe. 


Having been immersed in the different processes of music and film industry—filming, script-writing, post-editing and music creation—, he understands the visions of directors and music supervisors. Nicolas’ powerful orchestral music

have brought him to the forefront of the motion picture advertising industry, remaining on top of the industry's standard. 

Nicolas’s music is represented by major Los Angeles/Hollywood production labels, including: CHROMA Music, Brand X Music, Dos Brains, Colossal Trailer Music, C21FX, Theta Music Sound, Glory Oath + Blood, Really Slow Motion Trailer Music and GiantApes Music.

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